Local Information

Local Information

We've put together a list of hospitality resources for friends and family who may be unfamiliar with the area. Feel free to explore all that our community has to offer below.

Local Florists

BX Flower Shop (Minot Air Force Base)
362 Missile Ave.
Minot AFB, North Dakota 58705
Phone: 701-727-4404

The Flower Box
301 Burdick Expressway West
Minot, North Dakota 58701
P: 701-838-9302

Flower Central
405 East Central Ave.
Minot, North Dakota 58701
Phone: 701-852-6224

Lowe's Floral
1640 4th Ave NE
Minot, North Dakota 58703
Phone: 701-839-2000

Marketplace Food and Drug
1930 South Broadway
Minot, North Dakota 58703
Phone: 701-839-7580


Peony Petals
104 North Central Ave.
Kenmare, North Dakota 58746
Phone: 701-385-4684

Local Church Directory

Berthold Churches

St. Ann's Catholic Church
Phone: 453-3660 (church Number) rectory number in Stanley is 701-628-2323
Office: 701- 628-3405

Berthold Baptist Church (ABC)
PO Box 27, 321 Tyler Street NE
Phone: 453-3655

Zion Lutheran Church
Phone: 453-3650
Parsonage: PO Box 98

Bowbells Churches

Bethlehem Lutheran Church
PO Box 399, Bowbells
They are affiliated with Nazareth Lutheran Church, Kenmare
Phone: 377-2652 or 385-4645

St Joseph's Catholic Church, Bowbells
Phone: 385-4311

United Methodist Church, Bowbells
This church in is connection with the North Prairie Parish (Bowbells, Sherwood and Mohall) Church office is 701-377-2986.

Burlington Churches

Grace Fellowship Church
8300 29 Ave NW, Burlington
Phone: 839-6319

Peace Lutheran Church
521 Davis St N, Burlington
Phone: 833-3440

Butte Churches

St. Paul Lutheran Church
PO Box 138
Butte, ND
Phone: 701-626-7589

Carpio Churches

Carpio Lutheran Church
200 2nd Street West
PO Box 129
Carpio, North Dakota
They are partnered with Zion Lutheran Church, Berthold
Phone: 701-453-3121 or 701-720-6839

Columbus Churches

Faith Lutheran Church
Meeting Location is 103 Parson Street, Columbus
PO Box 87, Columbus
AALC Pulpit
Phone: 939-4444

Trinity Lutheran Church
PO Box 106, Columbus
Phone: 939-4781

DesLacs Churches

Des Lacs United Methodist
RR Des Lacs,
Phone: 725-4982 or 838-8665
He is also at Faith United Methodist Church, Minot, ND

Foxholm Church

St. Mary's Catholic Church (Minot Deanery)
Phone: 701-468-5648
He is also at St. Philomena Catholic Church, Glenburn, ND
He can be reached at St. Leo's Catholic Church, Minot.

Glenburn Churches

First Baptist Church
402 South Street
PO Box 306, Glenburn
Phone: 362-7971

Trinity Lutheran Church
PO Box 157, Glenburn
Phone: 362-7388

St Philomena Catholic Church
Phone: 362-7968
Rectory: PO Box 68, Glenburn

Hope Lutheran Church
Phone: 362-7388

Granville Churches

First Lutheran Church
Phone: 728-6463

Hope Congregational Church

Karlsruhe Churches

Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church
Phone: 525-6631

Kenmare Churches

United as on Lutheran Parish

Church of the Nazarene
902 Central Ave N, PO Box 166, Kenmare
Phone: 385-3295

Faith Baptist Church
318 6th Ave NE, PO Box 142, Kenmare
Phone 385-4466 Parsonage 385-4426.

First Baptist Church, Kenmare
No phone at the church

Nazareth Lutheran Church
401 N Central, PO Box 205, Kenmare
Phone: 385-4645

New Life Church of God
401 2nd Ave NE, Kenmare

St. Agnes Catholic Church
409 Division St, PO Box 488, Kenmare
Phone: 385-4311

Renew United Methodist Church
15 West Division Street
Kenmare, ND

Evanger Lutheran Church, rural Kenmare
Part of the Sherwood Area Lutheran Parish Evangelical, which is Evanger, and Our Savior in Sherwood
5455 98th St. West, Kenmare, ND 58746
Phone: 701-459-2448

Alive Christian Fellowship 203 4th Ave SE, Kenmare
Phone: 701-385-3009

Lignite Churches

Christ Lutheran Church
PO Box 571, Lignite
Phone: 933-2376

Prairie Christian Fellowship,Church of God
Office: 933-4471

Makoti Churches

Hope Lutheran Church
Phone: 758-2484

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church
Phone: 862-3484
Street address: Corner of 4th Ave. & Edwards St.

Max Churches

Our Savior Lutheran Church
PO Box 41, Max
Phone: 679-2771

Roman Catholic Church of Immaculate Conception

St Matthew Lutheran Church, Missouri-Synod
Main St PO Box 274, Max
Phone: 679-2755

Maxbass Churches

English Lutheran Church
Phone: 268-3234

Minot Churches

Ascension Ministries

Shiloh Christian Fellowship
(As of March 14, 2009, merged with North Land Harvest Church)
234 14th Ave SE Minot, ND
Phone 701-838-3048

Assembly of God Churches

First Assembly of God
1805 Second Street SE,
Minot, ND, 58701
(701) 838-1111

River of Life Assembly of God
400 22nd Ave NW, Minot, ND
Phone 838-4878
E-mail address: ed@theriverlife.com

Bible Fellowship

Bible Fellowship
1740 4th Ave NW, Minot
Email: biblefellowship@srt.com
Phone: 838-0916

Baptist Churches

Crossroads Baptist
415 28th Ave SE, Minot
Phone: 838-1873
Southern Baptist

Dakota Baptist Church
916 5th Ave SE, Minot, ND
Phone 852-5399
Office: 852-2103

First Baptist Church
200 Third St SW, Minot, NDv Phone: 852-4533
E-Mail address: firstbap@minot.com

Heritage Baptist Church
Physical address: 435 21 St. NW Minot 58703
mailing address: PO Box 1084 Minot, ND 58702
Phone: 701-833-1798

Immanuel Baptist Church
1615 2 St SE, Minot, ND
Phone: 839-3694
Email Address: immanuel@ndak.net

Lighthouse Church
1400 5th St. SW, Minot

Minot Baptist Church
500 46th Ave NE, Minot, ND
Phone: 839-1351
Independent Fundamental KJV

New Testament Baptist Church
They are meeting at Brookdale Retirement and Assisted Living Center
Phone 701-818-8441

North Hill Baptist Church
524-21st Ave NW, Minot
Phone: 839-7283

Prairie Baptist Church
916 5 Ave SE, Minot

Catholic Churches

Church of the Little Flower
800 University Ave W, Minot
Phone 838-1520

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
707 16th Ave.SW, Minot
Phone 839-6834
Rectory number is 852-3002

St John The Apostle Catholic Church
2600 W Central, Minot
Phone: 839-7062
Rectory: 839-7076

St. Leo the Great Roman Catholic Church
218 1st St. SE, Minot, ND
Phone: 838-1026, to reach the rectory after hours call 839-1027

St. Michael Mission
Member of the Ukrainian Diocese of St. Nicholas in Chicago
812 N. Main St., Minot
Phone: 839-4756

Christian and Missionary Alliance

Calvary Alliance Church
715 20 Ave NW, Minot
Phone: 852-0670

Church of Christ

Church of Christ in Minot
1315 First St. NE, Minot

Church of God

West Minot Church of God
1105-16th St. NW, Minot
Church: 839-1407

Eagles Wings Community Fellowship
1500 2nd Ave. SW
Minot, ND 839-9979

Church of God of Prophecy

Living Waters Family Worship Center
1401 4 St SW, Minot
Phone: 838-3443

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The Minot church has two branches
2025 9 St NW, Minot 838-3149
First Branch
Second Branch call Larry Martin at 839-0201

The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of The Latter Day Saints
304 4 Ave NW, Minot
Phone: 839-5197

Community of Christ

Meeting at the Grand International Inn
1505 N. Broadway (Hwy83 N), Minot
For information call Kim at 727-4238

Eastern Orthodox

St. Peter's Orthodox Church
109 6 St SE, Minot
Phone: 838-3094


All Saints Episcopal Church
301 Main St S, Minot
Phone: 839-1037

Evangelical Free

Trinity Evangelical Free Church
3500 4 St SW, Minot
Phone: 839-5127

Full Gospel

Northland Harvest Church
140 Souris Dr, Minot
Phone: 838-3048


Bible Restoration Fellowship
234 14 Ave SE, Minot
Phone: 839-8202

Gospel Tabernacle Church
9999 27 St NE, Minot
Phone: 838-4492

Spiritual Life Christian Fellowship Open Gate Church
400 N. Main St., Minot, ND 58703
Phone: 839-0914


Minot Islamic Society
1112 32nd Ave NW, NBR 103
Minot, ND
Phone: 701-852-8070

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses
110 Hiawatha Street
Phone: 838-7750

Lutheran Churches

Bethany Lutheran Church-ELCA
215 3 Ave SE, Minot
Phone: 838-5196
They also cover Deering Lutheran Church, Deering.
Email: bethanylutheran@srt.com

Bethel Free Lutheran
530 22nd Avenue NW
Minot, ND 58701
Phone: (701) 852-6492
Email: bethel@minot.com

Bread of Life Lutheran Church
1415 17 Ave SW, Minot
Phone: 838-3360

Christ Lutheran Church
502 17 St NW, Minot
Phone: 838-0746

First Lutheran Church of Minot
120 5th Avenue NW
Minot, ND 58701
Phone: (701) 852-4853
email: flcminot@minot.com

Grace Lutheran church WELS
220 5 Ave NW Minot
Phone: 838-4280 or 837-0778

New Life Lutheran Church-AALC
1900 8 Ave SE, Minot
Phone: 839-7474

Our Redeemer's Church
700 16 Ave SE, Minot
Phone: 838-0750

Our Savior Lutheran Church, Misssouri Synod
3705 11 St SW, Minot
Phone: 852-6404

St Mark's Lutheran Church
2209 4 Ave NW, Minot
Phone: 839-4663 or 839-4754

St Paul's Lutheran Church
200 Burdick Expy E, Minot
Phone: 852-2821

Saron Lutheran Church
RR 3 Minot
Phone: 722-3541

Zion Lutheran Church
1800 Hiawatha St. SE, Minot, ND
Phone: 852-1872
Email: zlc@ndak.net


First Church of the Nazarene Church
2500 Central Ave W, Minot
Phone: 838-8704

Southside Church of the Nazarene
2220 24 Ave SE, Minot
Phone: 852-0684


Abundant Life Community Church
Minot Phone: 839-8559
They meet in the municipal auditorium for services

Church of the Living God
2145 8 St NW, Minot
Phone: 838-0939
Pastors Residence 852-4951

Shiloh Christian Fellowship merged with NorthLand Harvest Church
140 Souris Drive, Minot, ND
Phone: 838-3048

The Pursuit
515 20th Ave SE, Minot ND 58701
Phone: 701-389-2769


Apostolic Faith Church
2929 19 Ave NE, Minot
Phone: 838-0609

Unity Apostolic Center
21 South Main St. Suite 201, Minot, ND
Affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World P.A.W.


First Presbyterian Church
PO Box 115
Minot, ND 58702
430 North Broadway at the Congregation United Church of Christ Building
Phone: 701-460-6321

Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
1000 3 St. NE, Minot, ND
Phone: 852-0315
Pastor's Study: 838-3722


Harvest Reformed Church(RCUS)
5200 Seventh Ave., SW
Minot, ND
(1 mile west of Behm's Truck stop on US Hwy 2)
Phone: 838-0605
Email: mcgeenme@srt.com

Salvation Army

Salvation Army Church
315 Western Ave, Minot
Phone: 838-8925

Seventh-Day Adventist

Seventh Day Adventist Church
10 17 Ave SW, Minot
Phone: 839-6478

United Church of Christ

Congregational United Church of Christ
430 N Broadway, Minot
Phone: 839-1064

United Methodist

Faith United Methodist Church
5900 Highway 83 North, Minot, ND
Phone: 838-1540

Vincent United Methodist Church
1024 2 St SE, Minot
Phone: 838-1721 or 838-4425
Email address: v-umc@minot.com


Wesleyan Church of Minot
435 21 St NW, Minot
Phone: 852-6433
Email: slwc@minot.com

Velva Churches

Oak Valley Lutheran Church
Address: 400 Main St N, Velva, ND 58790
Phone: (701) 338-2143

St. Cecilia's Catholic Church - Velva
201 2nd Ave W
Velva, ND 58790
Phone: (701) 338-2663 Mailing Address: PO Box K
Velva, ND 58790

United Methodist Church, Velva
111 2nd St E
Velva, ND 58790
Phone: (701) 721-7313

Thompson-Larson Funeral Home
Phone: (701) 852-3446
21 3rd Ave. Southwest, Minot, ND 58701


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