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There are many details and decisions associated with a funeral, and unfortunately, they come at a time when people are least able to manage them. Today, more people recognize that planning a funeral in advance provides peace of mind and demonstrates love and consideration for their families.

When pre-planning a funeral, you are able to choose exactly the type of service you would like. Funeral services and merchandise can be planned and paid for in advance and are guaranteed at today's prices. This may include having the service in the church of your choice or in the Thompson-Larson Funeral Home Chapel and/or at the gravesite. Other arrangements involve the selection of readings and hymns and the involvement of family and friends in the service.

At Thompson-Larson, we offer a variety of pre-planning options that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Arrangements can be made in the comfort of your home or in the privacy of our main office located at 21 3rd Avenue SW, Minot, ND 58701. Below is an outline of the plans we offer along with a submission form to request further information about our services.

Purple Cross Program

Purple Cross is a program underwritten by the National Guardian Life Insurance Company specifically for funeral homes for use in funding pre-arranged funerals. Money is pre-paid into a life insurance policy or annuity contract that is designated to pay for funeral expenses. Purple Cross offers many attractive features including:

  •     Lifetime increasing benefits.
  •     Rate of return that may be better than a pre-need trust account or personal bank account.
  •     Pays full value at death regardless of how little has been paid in, as long as plan is in force.
  •     Rates can never be increased or plan cancelled.
  •     Available for everyone's budget.
  •     May be an exempt asset under Medicaid and/or public assistance, so money will be available for funeral.

For more information about the Purple Cross Program, visit their website at

Bank Trust Department Account

A pre-need trust account can be established through one of several area banks. Benefits of a pre-need trust account include:

  •     The investment return on a bank trust account may be better than a personal bank account.
  •     Bank trust accounts are currently monitored by the North Daktoa Securities Commission.
  •     Funds in a bank trust account are totally liquid. They may be withdrawn at any time, upon request of the trust owner.
  •     The bank's trust department administers the fund. Yearly tax documents are mailed directly to the account owner.

Certificates of Deposit & Savings Accounts

Certificates of deposit and savings accounts can be ear-marked for funeral services with a simple "Payable on Death" clause.

If you would like more information about pre-planning your funeral and would like to receive a FREE Pre-planning Guide, simply fill out and submit our online request form.