Our History

What began as a sign of affection some 65 years ago, continues today with the commitment to service made by the professional staff at Thompson-Larson Funeral Home.

In 1934, Theodore Thompson built the Thompson-Larson Funeral Home as a wedding gift for his bride, Julia Larson. Ms. Larson was the first female licensed funeral director in the state of North Dakota.

In 1945, Edward and Catherine Fisher purchased the business from the Thompsons. Mr. Fisher was a funeral director with roots in the Wahpeton, North Dakota, area. Mrs. Fisher grew up in the railroad town of Breckenridge, Minnesota. Prior to coming to Minot, Mr. Fisher was a funeral director in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Fisher family lived above the funeral home and the family was actively involved in all aspects of the business. Ed and Catherine's elder son, Tom, took a special interest and after completing his education, returned to help his parents operate the business. In 1972, Engen Eckmann joined the staff as a licensed funeral director.

As the business grew, so did the demands placed upon the owners and operators of Thompson-Larson Funeral Home. In 1983, Wes Burkart joined the firm as a licensed funeral director. In 1984, Bruce Kramer came aboard as business manager and to assist on funerals. As a group, Tom Fisher, Engen Eckmann, Wes Burkart and Bruce Kramer worked as managing partners in operating the funeral home. This partnership continues today, with Engen Eckmann, Wes Burkart, Bruce Kramer and Grace Fisher as active partners in the business.

In 2004, Kelly Sorensen and Ben Slind  joined the firm as a licensed funeral directors.

Over the years Thompson-Larson has always striven to provide dignified and compassionate service to the many families who call upon us. Our commitment is also reflected in our support of various organizations and activities throughout the region, including church and civic groups, schools and charitable organizations.

Our address in Minot is the original address that Ted Thompson and Julia Larson started so many years ago 

21 Third Ave SW,
Minot, North Dakota  58701

To contact us by phone call
(701) 852-3446 or Toll Free at 1-800-679-4040

"Tom Fisher Funeral Director Chapters In A Life"

Commentary for the book
"Tom Fisher
Funeral Director
Chapters In A Life"

"Tom Fisher, Funeral Director, Chapters in a Life," is part biography and part memoir, flavored with a little history and a little humor. It is primarily about funeral service and Fisher's unique role in it, written by his wife Grace who tackled the project with a degree of wariness, knowing that her objectivity would be somewhat limited.

She managed her task with the help of her husband by including much of his own writing in her book, a portion of which is a book of his own. In a way, he emerges as a co-author of "Chapters."

Readers unacquainted with funeral service will get both an intimate and broad look at it in "Chapters," much of it provided by the writer's husband as he lived it, wrote it, and talked about it. The author includes her feelings on the subject of funeral service as she was introduced to it.

Woven into the narrative is a pool of history of Minot, North Dakota, a mid-sized community in the upper Midwest. An important feature of the book covers a second career Fisher maintained for some years in radio and television and how he adapted his skills in those areas to his funeral home operation.

"Chapters" tells about his work with politicians. One chapter focuses on his problem with alcohol, his treatment for the disease, and his emergence from it. His wife also writes about his battle with depression and his recovery from that.

A small book, "Chapters" is more that a brief tale about a local character. It is a paean to funeral service and to man whose career in it took on a national dimension as he traveled the country with the message that funeral service is a worthy profession whose members have many good reasons to be proud of what they do.

This is the second book by Grace Fisher, who was a journalist for thirty years with The Minot Daily News. She also wrote a history of her parish in Minot, "St. Leo's: The First 100 Years (1886-1986)," and an addition to that for the 100th anniversary of the St. Leo's church building in 2008. She assembled a small document, "Sisters In Teaching, The Minot Catholic Schools, 1926-2006." She has also written a small family memoir, profiles, essays and countless obituaries.

Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the book may contact
 Ms. Fisher at 701-852-3941.