Frequently Asked Questions

    Why have a funeral?

    It is important to recognize that funerals are for the living. Funerals help family and friends acknowledge loss and take the first step to overcoming grief. A funeral brings people together at a time when they most need each other's care and support.

    A meaningful service tailored to the needs and desires of the family will be an important occasion for family and friends to remember the one who dies and to share the experience together.

    Why Pre-arrange a Funeral?

    One of the choices we all face is how to provide for our final expenses. We cannot predict when we will need these final expenses, but

    There are many details and decisions associated with a funeral, and unfortunately, they come at a time when people are least able to manage them. Making decisions now for your final expenses will spare your family from an extra burden when they are least able to manage it. Pre-arranging a funeral is a secure and sensible way to make these decision ahead of time.

    By pre-arranging your funeral, you assure the plans you make today will be there when your family needs them.

    What will my final expenses be?

    Your final expenses depend on many factors. Where you live, the extent of medical care received prior to death, the size and type of funeral you plan, and inflation all play a role.

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