Welcome to the Thompson-Larson website. Since 1934, we have served the Minot area and surrounding communities with care and compassion at our location at 21 Third Ave. SW, Minot, ND. We understand that funerals are for the living and strive to provide a meaningful, individual service for every family we serve.

Our professional staff is always available for assistance and guidance whether our services are needed before the funeral, at the time of death, or after the funeral is over. To contact us either stop in at our location in Minot at 21 Third Ave SW, Minot, ND or call us at 701-852-3446 or 1-800-679-4040.

We've designed our website to provide information about the services we offer along with helpful links. We welcome and appreciate any comments or suggestions regarding our service to your family and community. Please feel free to send your comments or suggestions via email to wes@thompsonlarson.com.

**NOTE: We have recently updated our website. If you do not see an obituary you are looking for, please contact us at (701) 852-3446 or email at wes@thompsonlarson.com and we can get it added for you. Thank you for your understanding.**